Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Sylvia D.A., M. Ed. – Director

Degree in Business Administration from Miami Dade College, Bachelors of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education from Florida International University and a Master’s Degree in Education from The University of Florida.

Nationality – Cuban/American

Philosophy of Education
My philosophy of education has been inspired by theorists like Dewey, Piaget and Vygotsky who are known as socio-constructivists. Through my practice I have learned from children that they are capable individuals that construct their knowledge through interactions with adults, their peers, materials and the environment. My dreams are that our children grow up to be happy, secure, creative, independent, thinkers to make this world a better place.

Carmen S. – Assistant Director / Family Liaison

Bachelor’s Degree in Literature. Master’s Degree in Social Psychology

Nationality – Venezuelan

Widad A. – Teacher

Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Universidad Del Atlantico (Barranquilla-Colombia)

Nationality – Colombian

Philosophy of Education
My philosophy as a preschool teacher is to keep the image of the child as a social subject. I truly believe that children, no matter their age, are capable of creating, understanding and learning; that the process of learning is meaningful to children when is based on their own interests.

Angie P. – Teacher

Bachelor’s Degree is in Early Childhood Education from Florida International University

Nationality – American

Philosophy of Education
Education is sharing, learning, and communicating with children. My goal is to figure out innovative ways to teach children new things that makes learning both fun and engaging, and that makes the children smile and come alive.

Claudia H. – Atelierista & Pedagogita

ClaudiaPassionate for life, lover of inquiry & wonder and advocate for children.

Masters of Art and Sciences Early Childhood & Catechetic. Certification on Infant Mental Health, Graphic Design, Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Early Childhood Owner & Creative Director of Play Works

Nationality – Venezuelan/American

Philosophy of Education
Claudia’s intent is to be a partner along with her colleagues to your children in this wonderful and joyful journey of discovery, exploration and wonder!

Carolina D. – Teacher

Bachelor’s degree is in early childhood education from Corporacion Universitaria Lasallista

Nationality – Colombian

Philosophy of Education
Carolina’s goal is that children learn in a safe, social and loving environment. Where children are stimulated with experiences that help them build skills to prepare them for life’s challenges. The teacher’s role is to keep the children the most active participant in the education process.

Anabel L. – Teacher

Anabel has Bachelor’s degree is in Advertising and Marketing from Intituto Universitario de Tecnologia Venezuela, (IUTV). Earned a Florida Child Care Professional Credential (FCCPC) and a Director’s Credential from Miami Dade College.

Nationality – Venezuelan

Philosophy of Education
Children learn through their own experiences. Anabel believes children must explore and discover the world around them by using their five senses, curiosity and creativity to learn. Each child is born with their own individual learning processes and time to learn. As a teacher her role is to support each child by scaffolding their own learning process. Anabel’s goal is to help children grow independent, secure of themselves, creative, thinkers, and most of all happy.

Helen G. – Teacher

Earned an Early Childhood Certificate from Sheridan Technical School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in addition to a Florida Child Care Professional Credential (FCCPC) from Miami Dade College. Pursuing an Associates in Arts Degree in Early Childhood Education at Miami Dade College.

Philosophy of Education
Helen has been an early childhood teacher inspired by the amazing Reggio Emilia Philosophy for the last six years. She sees herself as responsible for students learning and social development. Helen’s philosophy of education involves a variety of planned possibilities that offer experiences that help her students construct knowledge through dance, art, music, storytelling, building, experimenting, and questioning in an environment that is used as a teaching tool, called the “third teacher”. She enjoys creating a spark in the children’s mind engaging their interest to motivate them to think outside the box, as a method of exploration and learning. Helen believes she cannot do this alone, that parents are essential partners in supporting children’s development.

Rachell H. – Teacher Assistant

A Bachelor’s degree is in nursing and minor in Early Childhood Education from Instituto Universitario de Tecnologia Venezuela, (IUTV). Goals are to pursue her Florida Child Care Professional Credential (FCCPC) at Miami Dade College.

Philosophy of Education
The education of children in their primary years of life form the foundation to their learning process, discovering who they are as individuals, and learning to interact with their peers. As a teacher, I believe that by giving them love, helping them to communicate their stories they will build confidence in themselves to face any challenges that cross their path. Rachell sees her role as providing experiences that nurture and support children so they are happy and have fun as they learn.

Sonia “Miley” O. – Teacher Assistant


Philosophy of Education
Miley understands that children learn through play, exploring their environment and through their interactions with other children and adults. Through their interactions they learn how to share, develop their language, understand concepts, routines and behaviors that will form the foundation as they get grow.

Daniela “Ana” M. – After Care Teacher


Philosophy of Education
Ana believes that as a teacher she must first connect with the each and every child. She enters into their world, playing dress up, blowing bubbles, singing and dancing creating magical moments that the children will never forget.