Bottega Environment

Meet the environment where our curious children start to explore, investigate and research the world and everything that has prepared for them.

Bottega Environment

The design of our school was created with the intention of building a strong sense of community for our children and families. It is a special place where we encourage encounters, communication, and relationships. The spaces within the school are carefully created with an underlying order, beauty and purpose. Our spaces are looked at as the “Third Teacher” where we honor children’s work, where materials are relevant and connected to their interest to foster the exchange of ideas and learning.

Our Facility

Bottega Child Development Center opened its doors on June 19th, 2013 with a licensed capacity of 66 children, after undergoing a year-long renovation of the building. Our facility forms part of Miami’s history, since the 3,000 square foot building was built by its original owner Dr. Sheldon Dobkins in 1963.

Dr. Dobkins’ family modeled the exterior of the building with a charming brick school house design. When Sylvia De Armas, Director, was undergoing the renovation she wanted to keep the historical look to conserve the sense of identity within the neighborhood.

When the renovation was completed, the 50 year old building became a state-of-the art facility with an entirely new interior space with a high tech security system with closed circuit video cameras, ample classrooms with natural lighting and an architecturally designed playground that became an outside classroom. This playground gives children the opportunity not only to develop their bodies, but also providing them a space for exploration and discovery.

The interior space is designed with the Reggio Emilia Philosophy in mind, where the environment is considered the “third teacher,” with interesting spaces for children to communicate, collaborate, investigate, live in and grow. Classrooms open up to the Piazza that is used as a common meeting space in the heart of the school. The Atelier is the “studio” of the Atelierista, where the master teacher & teachers work with small groups of children; and where teachers gather to process their documentation. The entire project was created with the highest level of quality to meet researched based curricular objectives that meet the children’s needs.

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