2014-2016 Parent Involvement – A Science Lab in the Sand Box

August 7, 2016

As Bottega grew so did the involvement of our family community. Projects began to emerge that needed the expertise of our parents. Moments like these are priceless, demonstrating how important the partnerships Bottega forms with the families.

Bottega’s First Field Trip is key to helping the students experience nature in order to enrich their investigations back at the school. It sets the foundation for the children and families to come together as a community as the children learn so many elements that a classroom alone cannot offer.

Discovering the Butterfly Garden at David Fairchild

Marjorie Stoneman Douglas Nature Center

Bottega’s parent community understands the value of coming together with the Bottega Faculty to exchange ideas, build understanding of how their children learn, so together support their children’s learning process.

Bottega’s approach cannot be completely effective without their feedback and dialogue about social/emotional development, and curriculum.

Professional Development has been at the center of Bottega’s success. Bottega values professional development because it builds stronger understanding of this approach, in turn, supporting the faculty and families.

Sylvia De Armas has traveled to Reggio Emilia to experience firsthand the theoretical framework and implementation framework implemented in Reggio Emilia, Italy before opening Bottega Child Development Center.